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I started my programming career when a friend showed me a simple high level macro program language called AutoIt. At the time I had no interest in programming, and was only interested in AutoIt because I could use it write simple cheat scripts for simple 1 player games. I later learned that AutoIt could be used to do more than just send keystrokes, and began writing simple applications.

I then moved onto VB.NET which I thought was an amazing programing language. I quickly picked up VB.NET and started writing lots of small applications, and a few larger applications. I also started work on my largest and most worked on project Folder Organizer. More information can be found on Folder Organizer in the AutoIt, VB.NET, and C#.NET pages.

After working in VB.NET for 2 years, and thinking that it was the greatest programming language ever, I started switching over to C#.NET and writing all my new projects in C#. I found that I really enjoyed working in C# because of its similarity to VB.NET, and because it was also very similar to the C, C++, and Java. While working in C#, I also dabbled in JavaScript, but I found that I could not get myself to enjoy writing programs in JavaScript as the language seemed too similar to AutoIt, and at the time C# seemed so much more powerful and interesting.

After writing my massive Folder Organizer V2 project, I started working on writing games, both single player in C#, and a few networked games in ASP.NET. I found that ASP.NET was the perfect platform for me. It allowed me to use my C# knowledge to make complex programs, while at the same time using ASP.NET to connect players together from any platform.

I am currently highly skilled in both C# and ASP.NET, and I am actively working on several projects in both languages. See Current Projects below for a complete list of everything I am working on, or use the Project Archive to see a complete list of everything I have worked in many different languages.

Current Projects

Through the links above you can find information on projects that I am currently still working on. These projects are functional, however, they are still in need of work. Current projects are usually updated every few weeks. For more information on specific update information visit the project's page.

Games.JosephSchwarz.com is online! (7/2/2012)

Project Archive

Though the links above you can find information on all projects I have worked on in various languages, and programs. Included in this section is a description of what the project is, why I started it, and the source code to the programing projects.

This section was last updated on: 4/30/2012