Folder Organizer

Folder Organizer is an organization tool designed to help users store all of their files and websites in one location. Folder Organizer uses a simple drag and drop interface. To add a file of website users simple drag the file, or URL onto the window, and their data is automatically saved for them. In addition to the simple and easy to use drag and drop, Folder Organizer also has an import feature, which allows users to quickly add many files, folders and programs to Folder Organizer's data. Finally, Folder Organizer has several sorting options, to help users stay organized. If you want a to organizer the list yourself you can, but if you want the list to automatically update based on use frequency, Folder Organizer can sort itself for you.

Important Notice (3/30/2012)

The Folder Organizer project has been abandoned. A new Folder Organizer program is currently being developed in C#. More information can be found at the new Folder Organizer website.

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